Wow…Already One Year

August 10th, marks one year for our beautiful 4 year old angel setting foot on Canadian soil and becoming part of our family.  Regan stepped off the plane and was welcomed by the entire family all 24 of them at Pearson International Airport.  Needless to say that our little princess was exhausted from the 34 hour flight and stop overs and certainly nervous and scared.  She stuck very close to her adopted mom clinging tightly to her jeans as she peered out from behind her mom to see what was going on and what all the commotion was about.

Reagan’s arrival to Canada

Of course the entire family came to the airport bearing gifts which made Regan’s day.  It was also the first time Caleb got to meet his little sister, and he graduated to being a big brother.  He was also thrilled and nervous.  He did impress me when he walked up to Regan to give her a big hug.  Of course he was conversing with her in English and she had no idea what he was saying as she responded in Hindi.  It was quite hilarious as they had a full on conversation without the other having absolutely no idea what they were saying to each other.

Fast forward three hundred and sixty five days later and our little chickadee is a year older, speaks fluentl English, enjoys Peppa Pig, can navigate all the functions on an Ipad and has immersed herself in the Canadian culture.  There were so many firsts that the family experienced together. Her first birthday party, first Christmas and the excitement of opening tons of presents, first day of school, first note from her teacher, first fight with her brother, first hugs for her mom and dad.  Yes, I can go on forever to list the number of firsts that we experienced all over again with our second blessing to our family.  As I reflect on the first year with Regan there are so many things I want to tell her as she grows up.  I hope one day Regan has the opportunity to return back to this post and read the seven things that I believe she should always follow.

  1.  Your smile is your best accessory – a smile warms the heart.  It is a universal sign of kindness.  Also, a smile costs you nothing but in return gives back so much to the other person. It has no value to anyone until it is given away.
  2. Learn to be happy on your own and don’t be scared of solitude – don’t give up your individuality to fit into the crowd.  A lot of the greatest men and women understood that for them to successful they sometimes had to do things their own way.
  3. Be a reader of books – leaders are readers.  The world of books takes you to such magical places and helps you grow into an amazing and rounded person.  Learning from the stories of people who have already done it is much easier that trying to do it alone.
  4. Learn to say No – Often we feel bad when we say no.  Your time and your focus cannot be consumed with things and people who are not making you better.
  5. Be Yourself and Love what you Love.  Do what you want to do, and don’t listen to anyone, follow your heart – people around you believe they are doing and coaching you based on their experiences.  But that’s just it – it was their experience, not yours.  There will be a time when mom and dad will think they are steering you in a direction they feel is best for you – if it does not fit with what you believe in your heart of hearts is not your dream then let us know.  Your passion will lead you to happiness and riches.
  6. Never chase after someone who doesn’t love you.  You can’t force them to love you – never ever settle when it comes to love.  Give your heart away, know that it will be broken – but that’s part of the process of falling in love.
  7. Pursue your dreams – never let anyone whoever they are, tell you that it’s not worth it. – dream big and dream often!

Our little angel these are just few of life’s lessons that you will learn as you continue to grow and experience the ups and downs of life.  We are so proud to have you as part of our family.

Regan today

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