Another School Year In the Books

So another school year has come to an end. I was blessed this school year to take an active role in both my little chickadee’s school activities and day trips as I was a stay at home dad for seven months on parental leave. The experience was absolutely phenomenal  as it opened my world to what other possibilities exist when you have the time freedom with a guaranteed income.

Simple activities like walking the kids to school with the two of them holding my hands and chatting about Barbie and The Avengers, and waiting for them at the end of the school day as the school bell rings and watching their eyes light up as they see me in the school yard as they run towards me with open arms are forever embedded in my memories.  These small nuggets of their daily lives mean so much to me as a dad.

Time surely flies and I am surprised that another school year has come to an end. My two little crafty chickadees are filled with new lessons both academically and basic life lessons. I stand in amazement as to how much their little brains absorb and retain new information. Our little Regan, who actually only started junior kindergarten in 2016 has completely transformed. Not speaking a word of English, and as protective parents we were hesitant to send her to school, thinking that she would not fit in and have a really hard time communicating with the other kids.  To our amazement, she proved us wrong – within the 6 month span to the end of the school year she progressively got stronger in her communication skills.  She now scolds me in full sentences and lectures me on how and what I should be doing.  Her favourite phrase is “seriously daddy” – with her hands akimbo.

Kids are like sponges and have absolutely no fear of the unknown. As adults we try and teach them to be cautious.  She again has taught me a life lesson of taking imperfect action as opposed to no action at all. Her appetite to explore and absorb as much as life throws her way makes me stand in amazement as to her character and resilience.

Learning to let go will always be a challenge, be it their first day at school, when they are off to university or on the day they get married.  Every one of these milestones will help both our kids and we as parents grow.

With the end of the school year now the planning starts around the summer camps, day care schedules and leaning on our parents to look after our little chickadees during the next 8 weeks.  We are also off on a much needed vacation in the next week and after a lot of planning we have decided to travel to Cancun and stay at the fabulous Westin Cancun.  Will provide updates on the shenanigans of my two little ones when we return.

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