Memories of Cancun

westinWow…what an absolutely amazing vacation… here is a view from our suite in the beautiful hotel we stayed at.  This was Regan’s first trip with our family and boy was she ever excited. Every night after she said her prayers she would jump in her bed and utter the words in not so perfect English…I’m going to Kaankuun… Caleb of course had been on numerous trips before and was the expert telling her about the sand castles he would help her build and the swimming pools and slides they would be going down. Regan would listen to Caleb intently every night and her eyes would light up as Caleb told her stories of what they would do in Cancun. As parents of 2 adopted children you hope and pray that your kids who have had such different childhood experiences are able to bond and form that strong relationship. Slowly over time – yes we had some major challenges when Regan first joined the family, it warms our hearts to see Caleb taking on the responsibility of being an older brother and coaching his sister.

On the day of our departure to the airport, we were splendidly surprised when we got a call from our parents who told us that they were sending a limo to pick us up and drop us to the airport.  As the stretch limousine pulled into our street the kids could not contain their excitement.  They were out the door with their suitcases in tow ready to hop into the limo.  The limo driver, John was extremely professional and courteous and the limo itself was very luxurious.  I want to give a special shout out to Ajax Limo Service for creating memories even before we got on the plane. Our flight was uneventful except for the 2 little chickadees fighting for the window seat. Mom of course being the perfect negotiator and influencer, convinced Caleb that he could get the window seat on the plane ride back to Toronto.

As we landed in Cancun and walked out of the airport, the heat and humidity hit us right away and we knew we were in paradise. Our check-in to the 5 star hotel was seamless and as soon as we got into the room the kids unpacked their bathing suits and were ready for the pool.  It was definitely a struggle to get the kids to get out of the pool at the end of the day even though they were exhausted. Suffice to say they were both out in an instant as soon as their little heads hit the pillows. Beverley and myself could finally relax on our hotel balcony and take in some alone time before we did it all again the next day.  As we reflected on the days events we were amazed at how the simplest of things excited our little ones.  It was the first time that Regan had seen the huge waves and she could not understand what exactly they were.  The first time we took her into the water, she ran out of the water as soon as the waves crested with the white foam.

So we know Cancun is not really considered a family destination.  With the plethora of clubs like Coco Bongo and Senor Frog’s it is normally considered a destination for young party goers looking for that wild club scene.  However, we were surprised with the number of other points of interest for family excursions.  I would definitely recommend it for a family trip given the number of excursions we were able to enjoy with our kids.  2 of the excursions we went on were:

  • Xel-Há Park- from snorkelling, to the river tour and the exploration of the caves there were so many activities for the kids and adults alike. Definitely, recommend adding the transportation option into the excursion and offer yourself peace of mind.
  • Xcaret Park – again this park offers so many activities for the kids and also adds an added piece of helping the kids learn about the history of the Mayan archaeological culture.

Beyond the memories that were created on this amazing vacation one of the biggest memory for both myself and my wife was on the last day as we were packing to leave for the airport, Regan stopped for a second and turned to us and said “thank you mummy and daddy for taking me on a plane not back to India and for playing with me in the pool”.  This statement brought tears to our eyes and melted our hearts to see our baby girl growing up.  This trip to Cancun will certainly be etched in our memory for all the wonderful moments that were created.

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