The Curse of the Half Birthday

As parents we always cherish our little ones and are often amazed as we see our kids growing up.  Birthday’s of course are a very special event as it marks a milestone in your child’s development.  My wife always marks the event of both our little chickadees in an extremely lavish way as birthday’s are super important to her.

I believe part of the reason too is the fact that both our kids missed out on celebrating their first few birthdays growing up in an orphanage where the occasion was really not celebrated. The only time they were both dressed up in fancy garb was when they had to take pictures for the adoption proposal that was sent to us.  Even in those cases the clothes were borrowed and recycled from child to child.  That being said, my wife feels it imperative that their special day is marked in a big way to help them remember that they are special and loved immensely by the family.  We recently celebrated Regan’s fourth birthday – her first being part of our family,  with glitz and glam where we had approximately 100 people come join us to honour Regan.  We had princess Sophia come to our place and the girls decked themselves out with makeup and nail polish and jewellery. The event was catered and we even had a local Ajax DJ tunes as we rocked the night away. Regan had an absolute blast and what made our day and made my wife cry was when we were tucking her into bed and she gave us both a hug and said ” thank you mommy and daddy for my birthday party”.  Kids really amaze you with their honesty and unfiltered comments.

As we continue to grow as a family we start to build new traditions to mark special events.  One such tradition that was started by my sister-in-law was to mark the half-birthday’s of our two little ones.  I remember the first time she came over with half a cake and a set of balloons to celebrate Caleb’s half-birthday.  She threw me for a loop as I had never heard of half-birthday’s. Well Caleb of course took to it like a fish to water as it was another reason to celebrate.  My wife definitely did not make a fuss at all and wanted to invite our family over to celebrate the occasion – I of course had to put a stop to that. Caleb did comment that he thought his half-birthday was deserving of a birthday gift too!  Needless to say we did end up picking up something small for him to mark the occasion. Now, every year, Caleb makes sure to circle his half-birthday on the calendar and reminds us at the start of the month of his half-birthday of the upcoming event. With the addition of Regan to our family, Caleb is now coaching Regan about half-birthday’s and has also circled her half-birthday on the calendar.

So I would like to say thank you to my sister-in-law for ushering a new tradition to our family.  Although, I have titled my post the curse of the half-birthday, it truly is a blessing to be able to have another reason to celebrate and homour our kids. I guess it will start being a curse if the event starts getting out of hand with a more extravagant cshowercelebration. My sister-in-law, who is an awesome baker and cake decorator actually delved into the art of cake making as a result of our first adoption.  The very first cake that she created was for our shower to celebrate Caleb’s arrival.  She found that she enjoyed it so much that she has gone on to create masterpieces for other friends and family. Check out her portfolio at

Time to now go and plan for Regan’s upcoming half-birthday that is just around the corner.

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